Oklahoma Communities

Oklahoma Smoking Statistics

Currently, Oklahoma ranks among the nation’s unhealthiest states. However, steps toward a tobacco-free Oklahoma can help shift this position. Smoking cessation programs like the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline are helping thousands of Oklahomans quit tobacco. Smoking-prevention programs are being established at businesses and organizations. Coalitions are also being formed to reduce the toll of tobacco in their communities. Together, we can improve our state’s health and brighten its future.

Oklahoma vs. U.S.*


As of today, there is no statewide Oklahoma smoking ban. The law prohibits smoking at indoor places open to the public, however several places are exempt from this rule. These places include bars, clubs, bingo halls, and retail tobacco stores, as well as restaurants and workplaces if certain ventilation requirements are met.

This preemption law makes it impossible for local authorities to enact tobacco laws stronger than the state law. So if a community wants to ban smoking at local bars and restaurants, they are unable to. However, with support, effort and action, communities can work to repeal the preemption law, restore local control and move one step closer toward a smokefree Oklahoma.

Oklahoma kids under 18 who become new daily smokers each year: 2,400

Smoking-Caused Monetary Costs in Oklahoma

Packs of cigarettes consumed by Oklahoma kids each year: 9 million

Deaths in Oklahoma from Smoking

  • Adults who die each year from their own smoking: 7,500
  • Kids now under 18 and alive in Oklahoma who will ultimately die prematurely from smoking: 88,000