State Property

Oklahoma State Property Smoking Ban

Smoking Laws for Oklahoma State Property

Oklahoma law requires all state, county and city buildings to be smokefree. This includes doorways, porches and outdoor foyers, as smoking is prohibited within 25 feet outside any entrance or exit of the building. Only one smoking room may be permitted in any of these buildings. However, it must be separately ventilated, and no public business can be done in this room.

This state-property smoking ban is intended to improve the health and wellness of all Oklahomans. Smokefree state properties protect employees, clients and visitors from the thousands of toxic chemicals in secondhand smoke, which cause heart disease, respiratory diseases, cancer and numerous other illnesses.

Increases in the price of cigarettes significantly reduce cigarette smoking—young people are at least as responsive as adults to such price changes.

A smoking ban on state property is not only beneficial for health purposes, but for economic ones too. Smoking regulation can increase the productivity of employees, and even encourage them to quit smoking. Plus, since taxpayers foot the bill for state employees’ medical benefits, state agencies hold a responsibility to help employees be as healthy as possible. Healthier employees can result in a substantial amount of money saved on medical expenses and insurance costs.

Did you know?

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin closed the smoking room at the Oklahoma Capitol in 2012 and replaced it with a fitness center.