John M.

Oklahoma City, OK

“Have you heard how tough quitting tobacco can be?” When I heard myself thinking that, I decided to believe that it would be easy instead of tough. I put on the patch the night before my Quit Day. I got up the next morning and began my life as a nonsmoker. I affirmed to myself that every little victory meant more strength. That proved true. I showered more than usual. I gave up coffee temporarily. Easy became easier. I became cleaner. My clothes no longer smelled like nicotine. I repeated a mantra, as well. “I don’t do that anymore” was a favorite I learned from another ex-smoker. No matter anything, I did not smoke. Of course, the result of not smoking was that I was a nonsmoker. The temptation to look down on people who still smoked? I admit, I indulged in that and used it. But then I modified it to, “I feel sorry for them.” And now I’m modifying that to, “I’m helping them become nonsmokers.” That’s where you come in. Is quitting smoking hard? No, it is not. Believe in that, believe in yourself, believe in your cleanliness and freedom from it. I believe in you.