Tobacco use among students is a major problem in Oklahoma. Just look at the stats.



It’s not just cigarettes kids are smoking. Use of e-cigarettes among Oklahoma high schoolers has risen 200% in just two years, and 17.3% of male high schoolers are using smokeless tobacco. Youth tobacco use leads to increased risk of severe nicotine addiction, as well as asthma, respiratory illnesses, cancer… or worse.

Your attitudes and opinions can make a huge impact on the behavior of Oklahoma youth. Tobacco is still a problem. Find out how you can help solve it below.

Talk to your kids about tobacco.

Keeping your child tobacco free can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Your attitude, actions and opinions play a huge role in helping your children make the right choices when it comes to tobacco. So make time to talk about tobacco and its many dangers. Find tips to help get the conversation started here.

Advocate for smokefree policies.

At home, make your house and your car smokefree zones. If guests want to smoke, politely ask them to do so outside, or to not smoke at all. Refer them to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline if they’re thinking about quitting. If you live in multi-unit housing, encourage your landlord to go smokefree. More information and helpful messaging to get the conversation started is available here.

At work, suggest smokefree policies to management or your boss. You can even share with them all the benefits of a smokefree business.

Educate yourself on the various forms of tobacco.

All tobacco is dangerous — any form, any amount, any time. Arm yourself with facts and stats about cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, hookah, e-cigarettes and secondhand smoke. Share your knowledge with friends, family and coworkers to help spread the word about the many dangers of tobacco.

Understand how Big Tobacco is promoting their products.

Tobacco companies aggressively promote their products using a variety of tactics that are appealing to children. They use exotic flavors wrapped in brightly colored packaging, a proven technique for marketing to young people. They place products and advertisements in stores and gas stations at the direct eye level of children. They even place products in movies and video games. Learn all about tobacco’s marketing tactics, and make your kids aware, too.

Educate yourself, educate your children and advocate for tobacco-free policies. Together, we can combat tobacco use and help ensure a healthier future for Oklahoma’s youth. For more information on tobacco use in Oklahoma, click here.

If you use tobacco and are thinking about quitting, call 1-800-QUIT NOW or visit for free resources and nonjudgmental support.