Tobacco is Still a Problem in Oklahoma

Tobacco is still a problem for Oklahoma’s youth. 9 of 10 adult smokers start by the time they’re 18, and the industry’s business model depends on hooking our kids. Big Tobacco knows it needs to hook kids early, so it’s developed an arsenal of products and tactics to attract children, including:

Flavors and Packaging

Research shows that candy-colored packaging and fruit-flavored products attract youth. Teens who try flavored tobacco products are nearly 3 times more likely to smoke than those who don’t.

“It’s a well-known fact that teenagers like sweet products.”— Tobacco Company Internal Memo


Menthol flavoring is a huge part of the problem. Since 2002, menthol cigarette use has doubled among Oklahoma teens. In fact, 50% of all Oklahoma teen smokers use menthol cigarettes.


E-cigarette makers are allowed to use fruit and candy flavors such as gummy bear, cotton candy and many others that appeal to kids. E-cigarettes may also raise teens’ risk for future smoking.

Stop your kids from picking up the habit before they ever start. Click here to find strategies for talking to your children about the dangers of tobacco.

1 in 5 Oklahoma students uses tobacco.

Campaign Materials

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