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Don’t Be Fooled by Big Tobacco’s Disguises

Big Tobacco will do whatever it takes to addict more customers and make a profit. No one is off limits, no matter their age, race, gender or socioeconomic class. Learn how to spot the deception to protect yourself, and your loved ones, from the many complications that come from tobacco.

Sleek Design & Fun Flavors To Addict YOUTH

Big Tobacco uses flavors, sleek designs and harmful ingredients to get kids and teens addicted to nicotine. Tobacco companies call them “replacement smokers.” Why? They take the place of smokers who have quit or been killed by tobacco products. The industry will do anything to hook new customers and turn a profit.

Menthols & Harsh Marketing To Target BLACK AMERICANS

On average, 39,000 Black Americans die from tobacco-related cancers each year. This is no coincidence — Big Tobacco goes out of their way to market to Black communities and lie about the harmfulness of their products, such as menthols. They seem smoother, but that’s why they’re so deadly. They’re easier to smoke and harder to quit.

Hot Deals & Cheap Products To Addict LOW-INCOME OKLAHOMANS

In Big Tobacco’s eyes, everyone is a valuable target — regardless of their income. In Oklahoma, Big Tobacco spends about $150 million per year on marketing promotions to attract new customers and keep the old ones around for a lifetime … regardless of how short that “lifetime” may be.

Empty Promises & Fake Feminism To Target Women & Girls

For decades, Big Tobacco has set out to target women with promises of smaller waistlines and increased freedom. Brands like Virginia Slims and Lucky capitalized on these high-selling tactics by updating their ads, year after year, with sleeker, smaller designs. The results? Increased profits, cancer diagnoses and deaths amongst women.

“Cool” Looks & Conversation To Addict Social Smokers

Big Tobacco will show up on every break to slip a “cool” accessory in your hand: cigarettes. Unfortunately, infrequent smoking is not as harmless as it seems. Even low levels of nicotine are extremely dangerous. So, why has the trend stuck around?

Convenience & Ease To Hook Alternative-Nicotine Users

Big Tobacco wants you to believe that nicotine-only products don’t contain tobacco, but that’s a bold-faced lie. Nicotine is a chemical primarily derived from the tobacco plant. It’s also the addictive substance that rewires your brain and keeps you addicted. The bottom line: Big Tobacco wants your money — they don’t care if it kills you.