Smokefree Businesses

A tobacco-free workplace is good for business for several reasons. Tobacco-free workplaces eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke, which leads to happier customers and healthier employees. Improving workplace health also makes sense from a cost perspective, as a healthier workforce means reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism, increased productivity and morale, more profitability and a better work environment.

Smoking costs Oklahoma businesses $5,816 per smoker per year.

The majority of Oklahomans support tobacco-free businesses, as they recognize secondhand smoke as a major health hazard. By establishing a tobacco-free workplace, you demonstrate that your business cares about the health of your employees, customers and community.

When implementing your tobacco-free policy, it’s important to inform employees in advance of the new policy and start date, and let tobacco users know you appreciate their efforts to comply. Also, offer to pay for tobacco cessation programs for employees and covered dependents, and refer them to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline for free quit coaching and support.

By making your workplace tobacco-free, you can enhance the health of your employees… and the wealth of your business.

Smoking costs Oklahoma businesses $5,816 per smoker per year.
Exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of an acute coronary heart event by 25-35%.

The cost of tobacco. Make it your business to know.

A recent increase in the price of cigarettes and little cigars means now is a better time than ever to encourage employees to quit smoking. For more information on how to help your employees quit, click here.

Tobacco can place a serious financial burden on your business. Our Cost Calculator gives you a clearer view of how much you and your business are paying in healthcare costs and lost productivity due to smoking.

CLICK HERE to see how much tobacco is costing your business.

Smoking costs Oklahoma $2.1 billion a year in productivity losses.
Smokers miss twice as many days of work per year due to sickness compared to nonsmokers.

Smokefree Restaurants

According to Oklahoma law, restaurants must either be all smokefree, or—if they elect to permit smoking—provide fully enclosed and separately ventilated smoking rooms that meet the law’s requirements for protecting nonsmoking areas. However, even though it’s permissible by law, separately ventilated rooms still cannot fully eliminate the risk of secondhand smoke.

If you are a restaurant owner, making your establishment entirely smokefree benefits not just you and your employees, but your customers too. If you’re a restaurant patron, encourage owners to adopt smokefree policies. Individuals can file complaints regarding restaurant smoking by emailing

Breathe Easy OK offers free signage and other resources to help businesses enforce their tobacco-free policies.

smoke break area
Employees who take four 10-minute smoke breaks a day actually work one month less per year than workers who don’t take smoke breaks.