Find a Smokefree Bar or Club Near You

Smoking in clubs and bars may still be legal in Oklahoma, but it’s also lethal. Secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals — 250 are known to be harmful, and at least 70 cause cancer. In fact, secondhand smoke kills nearly 50,000 nonsmokers each year.

It contains hundreds of toxic chemicals, including 70 that cause cancer. When multiple people smoke inside a crowded space, these contaminants become highly concentrated — and even deadlier.

The benefits of smokefree businesses are clear, not just for patrons but also for the health of employees. Searching for a no-smoking establishment near you?

Find smokefree bars and clubs

Smoking Laws for Oklahoma Bars & Clubs

Oklahoma laws prohibit smoking in most indoor places open to the public. However, many establishments are exempt, as long as they are stand-alone bars, stand-alone taverns or cigar bars and at least 60% of their gross receipts are from alcohol and low-point beer sales. Also, they must not admit guests under 21 (except hired musicians) and cannot share a common entrance or indoor area with another indoor workplace, such as a restaurant.

Oklahoma is one of the only states without 100% smokefree laws in restaurants and bars.

Smokefree bars and clubs are better for health, business and Oklahoma.

The benefits of smokefree indoor spaces are clear – and 77% of Oklahomans favor a law making all public places smokefree. Learn more about our state’s clean indoor air policies and how you can get involved.