Join the American Heart Association in the Fight Against Big Tobacco

For decades, Big Tobacco has profited by misleading the public, preying on youth and downplaying or lying about the health effects of tobacco. Now they’re finally forced to tell the truth. Last fall, a court-mandated policy went into effect requiring more than 220,000 U.S. tobacco retailers to display corrective statements in their stores. These signs and warnings highlight the health risks and addictive nature of tobacco products.

This is a big win in the fight against Big Tobacco. However, such a big change comes with challenges. Many retailers are failing to properly display the court-mandated signs. Now the American Heart Association is calling on the public to help make an impact.

Here’s how you can help:

Step 1: Visit Your Local Retailers & Look for Signs

When you buy gas, visit the convenience store or travel throughout your community, look for signs in stores that sell tobacco. * Signs should be:

  • Placed near the tobacco display or check-out
  • Easily to spot and unaltered

The corrective statements warn about tobacco’s health effects, product manipulation, addiction, “light” and “low tar” products and secondhand smoke. Read the warnings and see the signs in action here.

*NOTE: Safety is the number one priority. There is no need to take photos or engage with employees. Please avoid confrontation by simply looking around and reporting your findings.

Step 2: Submit a Tip

If you visit a store that sells tobacco and does NOT meet the requirements listed above — blocked or altered signs or complete lack of signs — submit a tip for the betterment of your community.

If the retailer appears to be complying with the court order, skip to step 3

Step 3: Report Your Activity

Let the American Heart Association know you conducted a compliance check by completing this form.

When we work together to make our voices heard, we can help hold the tobacco industry accountable for their harmful mistreatment of Oklahomans. By working with the American Heart Association’s request and spreading the word with our corrective statements campaign materials, you are helping to foster a safer and smoke-free state for all.

If you’re looking to make an impact in your community beyond the corrective statements, visit our Get Involved page for more information, materials and social posts.

Published by Tobacco Stops With Me on April 30, 2024