Nicotine Addiction Symptoms

Studies show that the human brain continues developing until age 25, with the fastest growth happening during the teen years. Exposure to nicotine during this period can have dire, lifelong consequences.

Using nicotine at a young age greatly increases the odds of addictive behavior later in life. Young vape users are at a greater risk of using other tobacco products such as cigarettes, as well as other addictive substances.

Make no mistake about it, nicotine is seriously addictive, regardless of age. For teens, however, nicotine addiction is especially disruptive. To learn how to recognize the signs of vape use — or other tobacco products — take a look below.

Here’s how nicotine affects the teen brain:

Addiction Symptoms

Nicotine Addiction Symptoms

Nicotine Addiction Symptoms

Another sign to look out for? Unfamiliar batteries or chargers. A lot of vapes look like pens or USB drives — and many of these devices use chargers that are different than typical phone or computer chargers.

The youth vaping epidemic continues to rage, and the fight for our kids’ health is heating up. With your help, we can spread the truth behind youth vaping and the dangers of nicotine addiction. A generation of vape users needs our help. Are you in?

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Published by Tobacco Stops With Me on August 3, 2021