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Protect Your Family From the Dangers of Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke contains hundreds of dangerous chemicals. No level of exposure is “safe,” and it only takes minutes for the harmful effects to take hold.

Secondhand Smoke Harms Us All

30 minutes of exposure to secondhand smoke is enough to cause lasting harm to a child. Children can be affected in different ways, including:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Bronchitis
  • Ear infections
  • Lung damage
  • Respiratory infections

When at least one adult smokes inside a home, the children living in it miss one more school day per year. If two or more do, their health plummets — and absences from both school and work soar.

Children who live with secondhand smoke are more likely to develop nicotine addictions later in life. In Oklahoma, 1 in 5 kids is exposed to secondhand smoke at home, meaning the number of Oklahomans who use tobacco will continue to increase.

Each of these kids is in danger. Flip the card to discover how.

Exposure at Home

1 in 5 Oklahoma children is exposed to secondhand smoke at home, which will leave them with health complications that could last a lifetime.

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No Room to Breathe

When kids are exposed to secondhand smoke in a car, where it is highly concentrated, risks like ear infections and bronchitis increase substantially.

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The Monster in the Vents

Multiunit housing residents share up to 65% of the air with their neighbors. Kids face an especially high risk of long-term infections and diseases.

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What You Can Do

How to help prevent secondhand smoke

If your kids attend daycare, make sure it’s completely smokefree — even after hours.

What you can do to help beat secondhand smoke

Choose to enjoy smokefree restaurants, parks and bars.

What can you do about secondhand smoke for your kids

When your kid has a playdate, talk with their friend’s parents first to ensure it takes place in a smokefree environment.

What can you do about secondhand smoke for kids

Turn your house into a tobacco-free zone.

What you can do about secondhand smoke

Click here to join the fight against secondhand smoke in Oklahoma.

What can you do about secondhand smoke

Quit tobacco for you and your family. Sign up for free resources, support and more here.

Want To Quit Tobacco?

Get FREE help from the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, including free patches, gum or lozenges, text and email support and more.

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