Sunny C.

Henryetta, OK

I have been a faithful snuff dipper since I was under 13 years old. I was always a tomboy, and I enjoyed the uniqueness of being a girl who dipped. I was a Copenhagen Angel. To my best knowledge my parents did not know and hopefully still don’t. So, for 30 years of my life I have been a smokeless tobacco user, using at least one can a day. I do not smoke… my justification theory was that smoking would kill me and everyone around me. But dipping just killed me. Recently, my husband told me that my teeth were looking yellow. For some reason, that actually bothered me. I have a great set of straight teeth, but my love said they were yellow. So, on November 20, 2017, I used my last can and took my last dip. I just quit cold turkey. Yes, I have thought about having a dip, but I am a month in now and have not had any at all. AND MY TEETH LOOK SO MUCH BETTER! My mouth is not as dry either. I am glad that as of today I am one month and 1 day TOBACCO FREE.