Oklahoma City, OK

My grandmother was diagnosed with emphysema a couple years back and now she is very limited to her daily activities and she needs breathing treatments daily. She gets short of breath and coughs something not too nice when she sleeps and it worries us when she gets her coughing spells so much we’re always afraid she is going to hurt herself. She retired sooner than what she wanted to I imagine and I know she misses to work. She’s very quiet and keeps to herself but we all love her very much and know that cigarette smoking has impacted her life tremendously. If we could stop another individual from smoking then that’s another life we will have saved. I pick up brochures from time to time and hand them out to teenagers that I know and they laugh but after they read them they act like they get something out of it. So maybe it helps maybe it doesn’t. But to make a long story short we love my grandmother dearly and are glad she has stopped smoking because we will have her around longer! Our grandmother’s name is Ms. Sarah J. Howell and we love her very much! We are proud of you G-ma!!