Yukon, OK

I am a proud mom of three beautiful girls! Two of my daughters have asthma! I can honestly say that I have never done any illegel drugs in my 38 years. But one of my proudest moments as a mother is that I live in a smokefree environment! My oldest daughter is 18 and never smoked a day in her life and will be the first to tell you her thought on it related to her asthma. My 13 and 9 year old feel the same way. As a nurse, I feel it is my duty to help educate not only my children, but also my patients and their families. I know how difficult the addicition to tobacco can be, my father smoked from his early teen until his late fifties. I feel as a non smoker, mother of an asthmatic and a nurse who has watched patients die due to smoking and lung diseases related to cigarette smoke, it is my right to continue to help educate the public and be an advocate to children.