Tobacco News and Updates: Winter 2023

Tobacco News and Updates: Winter 2023

The Vaping “Aesthetic” Reimagined

Early last year, the New York Times reported on the fashionable resurgence of traditional cigarettes. While the publication continues to write about cigarettes as accessories, e-cigarettes have finally caught their attention, in a bad way. The sleek, tech-inspired aesthetic from the early days of e-cigarettes is a thing of the past as playful, almost toy-like designs move to the foreground. The article refers to this shift as the ”Gen Z Makeover,” and while it only briefly touches on the dangers and addictive nature of vapes, it does confirm the fear of many experts: kids are the target audience.

The e-cigarette industry continues to evolve almost daily. Stay up to date on terminology, nicotine content and the truth about vaping in Tobacco Stops With Me’s newsroom.

A New Docuseries Exposes the Truth

An eye-opening new docuseries highlights some of the major pitfalls of the e-cigarette industry. While it was initially founded as a cessation option, it quickly erupted into one of the most addictive and dangerous industries on the market. Watch as the popular brand navigates accusations about targeting youth and addicts an entirely new demographic of customers with flavors, design and high nicotine levels. While the new documentary only scratches the surface of the vapor and flavor problems, it leaves viewers with a torch ready to ignite change. Have you seen it?

Big Tobacco’s Corrective Statements

The battle against the tobacco industry’s unethical practices has reached a turning point as major U.S. tobacco companies are now legally obligated to disclose the dangers of tobacco. Around 200,000 gas stations and retail stores nationwide are now required to prominently display corrective statements detailing the deadly consequences of tobacco use near the point of sale until June 30, 2025.

The mandated statements cover a range of issues, from the daily death toll of the tobacco industry to the adverse impacts on health, addiction and even the manipulation of product information. This disclosure empowers every Oklahoman to advocate for education and policy changes, unveiling the sinister marketing tactics employed by Big Tobacco and fostering a collective voice against these harmful practices. Explore the campaign materials and learn how you can make a positive impact on communities statewide.

Join the Fight 

Join the Fight

We celebrated several wins in 2023, but there is still a lot of work to be done. If you’re ready to join the fight against Big Tobacco, sign up for our monthly newsletter and more on our Get Involved page.

Published by Tobacco Stops With Me on December 21, 2023